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Do you remember our amphibious WW2 vehicle used to land soldiers on the Normandy beaches known as  a’duck’? well sadly the deteriation over the years soon proved a choice had to be made to either loose a rare part of our military history to the scrap yard or take the biggest plunge the duck had ever made and undertake a full restoration programme. Harold and the veterans decided that this, one of the few remaining examples must be saved to remember the brave men who took their last ever boat trip on board to face their untimely deaths on the beaches. Below are the before and now pictures of her restoration, we hope to have her ‘ship shape’ for a return trip to Normandy for the 75th Anniversary next year. The cost of the restoration is proving to be astronomical cost wise and we are looking for people who are willing to give us help in the way of donations to make the return trip with the few remaining veterans. A list of donors will be placed on show with the duck. If you would like to give please contact Harold on 07530006867 or call in the Motel.

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