Vive la Brits  

Harold is far from singing a rendition of ‘La Mer’ after this June’s return trip to the  Normandy graves , George Wing one of our 98 year old veterans was taken ill with heart and kidney failure along with pneumonia , George received bills from the French Government  totalling 372 euros for his one night in the French Hospital , George who is blind and is unable to get any holiday insurance due to illness and age, would be unable to return to visit his fallen comrades graves if it were not for the charity. Harold and the committee have picked up the bill on Georges behalf from the charity collections but Harold says this is not the point , had it not been for George and the thousands like him laying their life on the line France and Europe would not be as we know it today. Harold has expressed his anger to the French embassy in London and is awaiting a reply. Harold believes the French should give the care to George and any other veteran who fought for their country as gratitude and not a profit making venture. Harold had thought of publicly  burning the French flag in disgust but decided, that as with all great leaders Churchill , Eisenhower etc negotiations  should be the first line of attack , although here at the Motel we do have a collection of military vehicles that are all operational if need be,  anyone interested in conscription to the Veterans Revolutionary  Army please contact Harold. [The last part of this story is intended as light hearted entertainment and not incitement to riot]. If you have any comments on this story please let us know.


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