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DDay 1944 NORMANDY 2018, If there are any war veterans or members of the public who would like to join us on our annual trip to Normandy this next year for the anniversary on June 6th we have a limited number of spare seats and Hotel accommodation, our trip will  leave the Motel on May 31st traveling by coach to Portsmouth then on the overnight ferry to Caen. We will be returning to the Motel on June 7th arriving on the 8th . Cost is £599-00 per person [war veterans are not required to pay as the Charity will fund their tickets], we have limited availability on spare seats so we will be letting them go on a ‘first come first served basis’ no offence intended. [Cost includes reclining seat on ferry , cabins are available @ £75 each way in addition [veterans free]]. Please be aware a full UK passport is required and you will need to arrange your own travel insurance. Please contact the Motel as soon as possible by telephone or email . There will be a meeting at the Motel on Sunday 26th at 1pm to discuss arrangements. We are also looking for a Chaplin or retired Chaplin to accompany us to lead our services.

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