2022 Events

Shows and Events at the Anglia 2022

March 20th -The Hound Dogs

April 7th to 10th – BWA

May 15 – Car Meet

June 3rd to 5th – Jubilee Celebrations

June 9th to 12th – Pow Wow

June 26th – Car Meet

July 2nd & 3rd – Military & Vintage Rally

July 8th to 11th – Jawa Club Bike Rally

July 9th & 10th – Hunstanton Rally

July 22nd to 24th Classic Car & Bike Rally

July 28th to 31st – Country & Western Rally

August 1st to 7th – Country & Western Rally

August 18th to 21st – BWA

August 28th – Car Meet

September 3rd & 4th – Military weekend at Hunstanton Green

September 8th to 12th – Pow Wow

October 30th – Car Meet

November 11th - Military Parade through local villages.

November 13th - Peoples Remembrance Parade Holbeach Town Centre.


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